Frequently asked questions

What is PetMantraa™ ?

PetMantraa™ is a subsidiary of BPM Enterprises Private Limited.

It is an online Pet care Platform founded by three women entrepreneurs to provide a digital solution to all the needs of pets and their pet parents in regard to healthcare, mating, food, accessories, grooming & lodging and other innovative services.

Why PetMantraa™?

PetMantraa™ is a premier & rewarding Pet Care services’ platform with unique programmes and benefits. Our Tag Line “Embracing Pets” combined with our mission and Vision depicts our passion, commitment and values.

INTEGRITY:we are a transparent & fair organisation guided by a strong sense of commitment & integrity for our customers and stakeholders.

INNOVATION:we constantly pursue and adopt new ideas and approaches to enhance our offerings to stay relevant.

EXCELLENCE:maintaining high standards of work ethics and integrity,

COMMITMENT:are committed to deliver the best-in-class services and be the first choice of Pet Parents & Stakeholders .

AGILITY:We are quick to respond and adapt to new ideas & changes making us unique for a progressive and premier online Pet care Platform.

Where is the Registered office for BPM Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. / PetMantraa™?

The registered office for BPM Enterprises Private Limited is in New Delhi. For more details please write to info@petmantraa.com

Are there any contact numbers?

You can call or WhatsApp at any of these three numbers : 9810598405/ 9810323854/ 9810903343

What is PetPoints(PP) ?

PetPoints (PP) is a customer loyalty programme by PetMantraa™ . PetMantraa rewards Pet Parents that regularly uses PetMantraa website for products & Services. The more you spend, the more PetPoints you accumulate. These points can be redeemed for a wide variety of including & not limited to Remote Veterinary Services, PetDate, PetZone and more.

How do I enroll myself to PetPoints ?

You automatically get enrolled to PetMantraa’s PetPoints program and earn PetPoints on your first successful transaction on PetMantraa™. Additionally, you will also be eligible to get 10 bonus PetPoints as a Welcome Gift.

  • Earn 1 Petpoint (PP) for every Rs 100 spent on any line of business of PetMantraa.
  • Welcome Gift: On first purchase on PetMantraa, Pet Parents to get 10 bonus PetPoints
  • Any four transaction of any amount in a month will earn additional 5 PetPoints.
  • PetRefer: It is our exclusive referral program where Pet parents will earn 10 PP on any confirmed referral.
  • Pet Parents can buy Points (@Rs 50) equivalent to 1 PetPoint and can add to an already accumulated and redeem them immediately.
How can I Redeem Pet Points?

You can Redeem PetPoints using PPP - Pay Plus Points at any of the services offered by PetMantraa where 1 accumulated PetPoint is equivalent to 1 Rupee.

What is PPP – PointsPlusPay?

PPP – PointsPlusPay is a way to redeem your PetPoints. For purchasing any goods or services, you can redeem 50% of your PetPoints against your payment (for maximum upto 50% of the value of the product). Pls follow the below scenarios for better understanding.

Scenario A : If your accumulated PetPoints are 300 and you want to make PetDate Profile worth INR 400. Then you can redeem 150 PetPoints and balance amount of INR 250 has to be paid online.

Scenario B :If your accumulated PetPoints are 700 and you want to make PetDate Profile worth INR 400. Then you can redeem maximum 200 PetPoints and balance amount of INR 200 has to be paid online.

What is PetRefer?

PetRefer is an exclusive referral program by PetMantraa

How does PetRefer Work?

Pet parents gets to earn 10 PP on every confirmed referral.

What is Confirmed referral?

When the new user makes an account with PetMantraa and also makes his first purchase irrespective of the amount for any services offered on the platform.

Can we merge two separate accounts?

If you have two separate accounts with PetPoints Balance, both can’t be combined or consolidated for redemption.

Can I transfer points to a friend?

No, the points that gets deposited into a PetParents account remains with them and can not be transferred.

How do I earn points?

For every purchase you make you will earn 1 PetPoint for each Rupees 100 spent.

How Do I Refer anyone to join PetMantraa ?

In your profile go to my account –

On the left panel go to referrals under DashBoard and select Copy URL

The URL & Referral code can be sent by WhatsApp, E-mail or SMS

When are the points allocated to me ?

It is allocated real time.

How do I check my points balance?

You can login to your PetMantraa™ account to see your points balance. Also, you will get an E-mail and SMS notifications on PP Balances.

Do PetPoints expire?

PetMantraa believes in a lasting & rewarding relationship. PetPoints once earned will not get expired till your active relationship with us.

How do I redeem my points?

Please refer to Redemption Terms and Conditions

Can I encash the PetPoints?

No. Points once earned or purchased are irreversible and cannot be encashed in any circumstances.

Are there any restrictions as to when I can redeem my Petpoints?

No, you can redeem points as per your convenience as long as you have an active account on PetMantraa™

How do I earn points?

You earn PetPoints for all eligible purchases charged to your account. One can also earn points by using our Referral Program.

How are the points I earn calculated?

With the PetPoints Programme on PetMantraa Account, you earn 1 Membership Rewards Point for every Rs. 100 spent (Rounded off to the lower value) on purchases on your PetMantraa account

If I don’t have enough points can I buy PetPoints ?

Yes Pet Point can be purchased online. Customer has to pay rs 50/- to purchase 1 point whereas on transaction you spend rs 100 to accumulate 1 PetPoint .

Can I transfer points to a friend?

No, you cannot transfer your points to your friend. But you can buy points and gift them to your friend.

Redemption Terms & Conditions:

You can redeem your Pet Points via PPP – Point plus Pay for any of our services offered.

What is TelePetVet ?

TelePetVet offers a real time online video conultation with the most competent veterinarians across India for your pet.

Why choose online consulation?

Saves travel time and waiting time, less risk of transmission of new illness, get an e-prescription, talk to specialists at your convenience.

How does TelePetVet Work?

It provide a real time video consultation at the convenience of your home. Following are the steps to follow:

  • Choose from our Certified Veterinarians
  • Select the Date and Time from given slots
  • Appointment booking after Online Payment for consultation charges
  • Receive auto generated Video Link from PetMantraa
  • Video Consultation with Vet at confirmed time
  • Download E-Prescription
What if I forget my appointment?

PetMnatraa would send you the reminder a day before your appointmet date and also 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.

How long would be the consultation?

The duration of the consultation would be 15 minutes, after that the call would end automatically. But we would notify you about the balance time left 2 minutes before it ends.

Do we provide online vet consultation for emergencies?

No, we do not recommend or provide online consultations for emergencies

What if my audio video was not clear during the online vet consultation?

This may happen due to poor connectivity or technical glitch. In such cases, please check your Internet connection and if the issue persists, please email us at support@petmantraa.com with the screenshot of the error and we will get this checked from our end.

Do you have subscription in TelePetVet?

We do not have subscription model yet and would come up with it soon. Please refer to our website for latest updates on this.

Do we have a cancellation option once appointment is confirmed?

The appointment can be cancelled on a prior notice of 24 hours. Any appointments made on the same day can-not be cancelled. HOW??

How do I get the refund on the cancelled appointment on TelePetVet ?

Once cancelled you are to write to support@petmantraa.com for claiming your refund. PetMantraa will refund the funds after due verification.

What is PetDate?

PetDate is one of the vertical of PetMantraa which offers an easy and convenient way to find out the suitable mating partner for your pet.

Is profile creation free on PetDate?

PetDate profile creation is paid. For first Pet, you are required to pay Rs 400 per year and for each additional pet will be RS 200 each.

How does PetDate works?

PetDate is one of the vertical of PetMantraa which offers an easy and convenient way to find out the

  • Resister for PetDate subscrition by paying the fee
  • Create your Pet Profile
  • Go through the other profiles listed on the website
  • Select your suitable match
  • Get the contact detail of the PetParent of selected date
  • Chat with Pet Owner and fix the date
Is there a expiry on Subscription on PetDate?

PetDate subscription is valid for 1 year only and would expire after that. We would remind you via mail or sms to renew your subscription 15 days prior to your expiry date.

Does PetMantraa confirms that PetDate will definitely get my pet a petDate for crossing ?

PetMantraa™ does not claim any confirmation for getting a pertner for your Pet. It is only a platform to bring the interested participants together for interaction.

As a user of the www.petmantraa.com, you understand and agree that you assume all responsibility and risk for your use of the applications, the documents you post or access and for your conduct on and off the site and on the mobile application.

How is my data secured?

Please refer to the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy on our website www.petmantraa.com

How do I report Abuse?

Please write a mail to support@petmantraa.com with a subject line “ URGENT & ABUSE “. The mail will be redressed as expeditiously as possible. Or use “Contact Us” details given on our website.

Is there a age criterion for joining or profile creation on PetMantraa™ ?

You must be at-least 18 years of age to join our community of users .

Do you have a Customer Support ?

We have a well- established channels of Customer support:

Email: support@petmantraa.com

WhatsApp or call: 9810598405/ 9810323854/ 9810903343

Or through a “contact us” form at our website www.petmantraa.com

How can I join PetMantraa as a service Provider ?

Interested parties can join using a link “ Be a PetMantraa Partner’ at the end of the page using the link to register for the services you provide.

Where can I find the consultation link on PetMantraa™ website?

For consultation link, pls follow:

Login -> Go to “My Accounts” -> My Profile -> TelepetVet -> My Appointments -> Consultation Link

Where can I find the e-prescription on PetMantraa™ website?

To access the prescription, pls follow:

Login -> Go to “My Accounts” -> My Profile -> TelepetVet -> Past Consultations -> Download Prescription

Where can the contact detail of PetParent can be seen on PetDate?

You would find the PetParent’s number on Request Sent / Request Received Page on PetDate. To access the same, please follow:

Login -> Go to “My Accounts” -> My Profile -> PetDate -> Request Sent/Request Recieved Page