Pet Parenting

World is reeling under tremendous uncertain times leading humans with emotionally & economically challenging times. Pandemic has seen surge in pet adoption for studies indicate that interactions with animals may help with depression, anxiety and eases loneliness may even improve peer to peer relationship as well as enhance feelings of respect, trust, and empathy

There is growing trend of adding a pet in the family and the joy of bring a pet at home is unexplainable and the emotional bond that the family cherishes with the homecoming of the little companion is wonderful but with it comes number of questions as getting a pet at home is literally like having a baby

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  • Being a Pet Parent has its own set of thrills and challenges. It is often observed that the pet parents get swayed and overwhelmed by their fluffy-floppy eyes and clumsy cuteness and that poses to be the bigger challenge The sooner you get past this and creates a regime for their exercises, toilet trainings and walk Schedules, grooming and hygiene routine, food frequency & food helpings.

    Rearing and taking care of your pet is a constant learning process from educating yourself to care for a born puppy in its first 3 months to their teething to when they hit their teenage Behavioural induction into the surrounding with careful training on socialisation, dealing with the separation anxiety should you need to leave them alone behind.

    Clearly pet parenting can be both exciting as well stressful and PetMantraa™ has experts to guide you with the knitty gritty and walk with you to make the journey pleasure-able
  • ‘To Be Pet Parent’ - Things to consider Before adopting a pet?

Pets’ adoption has to be a thoughtful decision and aspiring pet parents should ideate & consider some of the few factors

  • Climate and Breed match off: An important aspect to consider is the weather conditions you are in . One size does not fit all and not all pets can accommodate in all kind of weather. Some breeds can thrive in hot weather while others accommodates & performs better in cold weather.
  • Time: Having a pet around you can be v rewarding at the same time they need time to play with talk to them meal preparation walks and can not be ignored just because you are tired.
  • Financial Commitments: The costs of pet ownership can be significant. Licenses, training classes, veterinary care, grooming, toys, food, kitty litter, and other expenses can add up quickly
  • Can you get a pet where you live: many residential societies and apartments do not allow pets and some other poses restrictions on pets size and breeds. Some rental accommodations does not allow pets at all. It is important to know the rules and regulations of the society before taking a decision.
  • Does your current home has enough room to accommodate a family member. Training and grooming needs, how to fulfil the nutritional needs.

While the list could be long but few other points to consider could be Toys, treats and accessories’ needs, Animal Size, dealing with separation anxiety your work schedules, family orientation towards a pet.

If you are a Pet Parent or have decided to bring an addition to the family and looking for some answering to some of these doubts, PetMantraa™ is here with experts in guiding and consulting you in your overall journey.

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