How PetRefer works?


Q What is PetRefer?

PetRefer is an exclusive referral program by PetMantraa

Q How does PetRefer Work?

Pet parents gets to earn 10 PP on every confirmed referral.

Q What is Confirmed referral?

When the new user makes an account with PetMantraa and also makes his first purchase irrespective of the amount for any services offered on the platform.

Q How Do I Refer anyone to join PetMantraa ?

Go to my account  Go to “Refferal”  Copy the Referral code by selecting “Copy URL”  Share it by WhatsApp, E-mail or SMS.

Q Do you have a Customer Support ?

We have a well- established channels of Customer support:
WhatsApp or call: 9810598405/ 9810323854/ 9810903343
Or through a “contact us” form at our website